The Art of Sound

Dubbed “The original art party. A synthesis of sound & vision. Art inspired by music”, this idiosyncratic concept was the brainchild of sought-after DJ Chad Alexander and urban artist Joseph King some two years ago. Their friendship and appreciation for music and art has fused what could only be described as a larger than life outlet for up and coming creatives to express and showcase their true passions.

The event was hosted at Notting Hill Arts Club which is home and stage to many celebrities such as Mark Ronson, Rita Ora and Lily Allen just to mention a few. Patrons were given an opportunity to doodle surrounded by an eclectic exhibition on display by J. King, Pablo Malik, Motions of Clay and Stazzy and a collaborative live drawing by local artists; Mia Koko, Gatien Engo, Bamboo Kidd and Stazzy Art while UK Funky House music was played by Chad Alexander and Levels.
Co-founder and artist JKing The Artist showcasing pieces from his upcoming debut solo exhibition 

I had the privilege of chatting with a few of the artists and here’s what they had to share about themselves and their art;

Mia Koko “I paint what makes me happy… it’s nice to get involved in a project that tests your creativity”
About three years ago, this aesthetic lass felt that she wasn’t doing much with her life and turned her childhood fondness of cartoon and anime into becoming a self-taught artist which is reflective of her artwork.
Bamboo Kidd  “My trademark is one big eye and one small eye with the small eye slightly outside of the characters face. I would draw a character looking in one direction and I’d you follow that direction there’d be another one looking in another direction”

Another of the headliners was the prolific Bamboo Kidd who has been drawing since his youth but professionally for the last 10 years. Over the years he has incorporated a lot of his childhood influence such as Dragonball Z, The Simpsons and his friends on the music scene into his art. When asked why he does art, Kidd postulated that “art gives me peace and keeps me grounded”

The artist wants to earn his place within the art community and hopes that his signature style differentiates him from other artist as he endeavours to “Reproduce with a new narrative”. Kidd highlights up and coming creatives be it fellow artists or up and coming artistes as his mission is “bigger than art.”

Fatma Abujuma also known as FatmArt “Music inspires my art process showcasing power and confidence” 

Mostly self-taught, Fatma loves texture and is a huge advocate for showcasing ones  artwork on social media and embracing competition by focusing on what an artist loves. Since she’s taken her own advice doors of opportunity have opened up to her.  

Motions of Clay “My brother has a very colourful and ever-changing personality; which can sometimes becomes a little dark and scary.”
Ronaldo Wiltshire is a London based ceramic artist who specialises in handmade face mask, clay sculptures, functional and decorative pieces. He was initially inspired by his older brothers mental illness diagnosis and influenced by his parents vocation. His art can best be described as taking basic material transmuted by chemical change and adding colour that animates the Caribbean island of Barbados from where he originates. 

The above is a collaborative live piece produced and influenced by UK Funky music. As explained by one of the artist, they simply hear a bar or listen to a line from a track and recreate an image that comes to mind. The initiative bares witness to themed showcases influenced by different music genres with eclectic art and a lively atmosphere thus making it a spectacular experience each time. This young demographic of creatives is testament that as a society we can challenge the social and political status quo by networking a community of artistic individuals that bonds a lifelong movement through artistic expression. 

The organisers and artists can be linked on social media with the following Instagram handles;








Interviewed and written by Kenrife Matthias