Fred Finn – The World’s Most Traveled Man

Here’s the interview conducted by myself with Mr. Finn.

Ken: Tell me about your first flight? When was it and what aircraft was used?

Fred: The very first plane I sat in was a de Havilland D.H. 98 Mosquito (a 2 engine fighter bomber made out of wood) at the end of WWII. In 1953, my grandmother took me to see the planes and I got to sit in the cockpit. I remember this because I can recall riding my bicycle in Kent where I pestered the pilots to give me a flight. They took me up about 1000ft and turned the plane up-sided down with just a thin strap holding me but I loved it!

It was clear to see that the former navy pilot and aviation consultant’s affinity in travel was peaked as a child. Mr. Finn recounts that he helped to start Virgin Atlantic Airways and by influence he started Virgin Holidays where he brought Aruba to the UK when most thought it was a drink.

Ken: How beneficial is “Quicket” to today’s travellers? What can potential clients expect from using this platform?

Fred: With Quicket, our customers can experience a virtual reality of where they will sit before the flight and even check-in via Facebook in addition to checking to see if anyone in your social network is on the same flight.

The stalwart businessman who is the Co-Founder of was attending and participating at the World Aviation Festival Exhibition at the Islington Business Design Centre, London. Quicket is an industry-changing data company that enables airlines to maximise their add-on (ancillary) sales via innovative technology.

Ken: What tips can you give to the nervous traveller?

Fred: Don’t drink “alcohol” before your flight and try to sit next to someone whom you can talk with as conversation helps to distract from fear. The fear of flying can be caused by the lack of control and not seeing where the aircraft is flying along with strange noises.

Fred advocates using CBD oil as it relaxes his nerves and helps with achieving sound sleep.

Ken: As an avid traveller, what is your favourite destination and why?

Fred: “Kenya – it has everything!… it has mountains with ice caps, lakes, the people are beautiful and the food is great”

Having travelled extensively, this might have been the hardest decision as he also declared his love for Aruba and the United States of America. His wanderlust nature has seen him driving to every state in the U.S. in 17 weeks and having traveled to every country in South America just to mention a few.

Ken: What are some of the challenges you have experienced as a business traveller and how have you dealt with them?

Fred: The bureaucracy – the check-ins and pat-downs at some of the airports are ridiculous. Officers can sometimes be too vigorous with their searching as they think that once they are wearing the uniform that they are in charge and often not that polite. One would think that as you are visiting their country that they will treat you with some sort of hospitality and respect.

Although most of us can relate to such experiences while crossing immigration borders there seems to be never a dull moment with Fred as he has witnessed and been on an attempted hijacking of the airplane he was supposed to be flying once in Nigeria.

Ken: Name two things you MUST always take with you on a trip.

Fred: Antibiotics for upset stomach and toilet roll to put around the neck of wine bottles

Ken: What is on the horizon for you?

Fred: Continue to be positive, passionate, work hard and play harder… enjoy the rest of my life!!!

It was my utmost privilege and pleasure to formally meet and interview Mr. Fred Finn and wish him and his company the very best in their endeavours as they work to integrate to make travel more efficient and seamless in the years to come!

This interview was conducted on Thursday 5th September, 2019 at the World Aviation Festival Exhibition at Islington Business Design Centre by Kenrife Matthias.

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